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The State of Ohio has a lawyer.

So Should you. 


DUI & OVI Defense

Don't battle it alone. 



Case 1

First DUI

Bench Trial

Client had first DUI in 10 years, open container, and refusal of field test or chemical tests. We went through a bench trial and was found not guilty


Why Choose Us?

I understand how scared you are. I help people with this everyday. I can help you too. 

  • Field Sobriety Test certified - I can administer the same test the police officer may have performed with you

  • Over 15 years of experience, including trial experience

  • Honest, direct advice from someone who has a family, a job, and values his freedom - so I know how scared you are to have those things threatened

  • I am a member of multiple organizations that specialize in the defense of criminal charges so I am up-to-date on any recent developments in criminal law 

  • Convenience - we are here 24/7 and have three offices in the greater Cincinnati area

  • Free, no obligations consultation




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