We are now entering the holiday season, and that means celebrations with family and friends, amazing food, and, more likely than not, a few drinks. The DUI lawyers here at Minnillo & Jenkins Cincinnati don’t want you to limit your celebration, but we do want to help you stay out of trouble and out of jail. In today’s blog post, we’ll be going over a few tips on how to avoid an OVI this season. If you have been charged, or you simply want to learn more about your rights, please call Minnillo & Jenkins today!

Don’t Drink and Drive

It’s common sense, but we have to say it. The best tip we can offer on how to avoid OVI charges is to not drink and drive. As you attend parties and family gatherings, try taking turns being the designated driver with your partner or friends so you can keep enjoying the holidays. You can also skip driving altogether and order a taxi or use an app to call a car. Remember that drunk driving endangers everyone on the road, not just the driver, so help your friends and family make better choices this holiday season too!

Avoid Excess

Especially at Thanksgiving, when the name of the game is excess, it can be easy to get carried away with delicious food and drinks. Keep your personal limits in mind if you plan to drive, and try to stay under the blood alcohol content (BAC) legal limit, which is 0.8% in Ohio. Most of us probably don’t know how to accurately gauge our BAC from feel, but you should be mindful of how you feel and whether or not your driving will be impaired. Whether you’re drinking pre-dinner cocktails or eggnog, remember to eat food as you drink, which can slow the rise of your BAC and prevent it from reaching unsafe or illegal levels.

Drive Safely

If you follow all traffic laws and drive carefully, a police officer should have no reason to pull you over. That means respecting red lights, stop signs, and the speed limit, as well as using your turn signal and giving other cars plenty of space, especially in bad weather. You should also make sure that your car is in good condition throughout the season, and double check things like your headlights and tail lights to avoid citations at any time.

Know the Law

When it comes down to it, the best way to avoid an OVI is to understand the law. Remember that “operating a vehicle under the influence” can be applied to many situations, including impairment caused by alcohol, drugs, or even prescribed medications in excess. You can even be charged if you are riding a bike and your BAC is above the legal limit. Don’t be caught on a technicality! To learn more, explore our quick blog post guide or do your own research into the law itself.

Know Your Rights

If all else fails, you may still be able to dispute or avoid an OVI charge if you understand your rights and have the right representation on your side. OVI cases can be won, and with a dedicated lawyer, you can get back to your life and stay on track. Explore our resource pages for first-time offenders to learn more about your rights and possible consequences. If you find yourself being charged with an OVI, the best choice you can make in that moment is to call a lawyer. You are allowed to delay taking – or refusing to take – any tests until you contact your attorney and get a better understanding of your rights. You also have the right to refuse any tests because you don’t know your rights if you can’t reach your attorney.

Have the Right Team on Your Side

Stay safe this holiday season and remember that if you are facing an OVI charge, you can find expert defense lawyers here at Minnillo & Jenkins. You can avoid legal trouble by planning ahead and making responsible choices, such as designating a sober driver or being more mindful of the drinks and food you’re consuming. If a mistake or two leads to your arrest, an experienced DUI attorney can make a big difference, whether it means retaining your car, your license, and your job or saving you from jail time and serious fees. Call today to schedule your consultation!