1. What is an OVI?

    DUI...DWI...These are terms understood by most people across the country. If you happen to be living in or traveling through Ohio, however, there is another acronym you may come across: OVI. Minnillo & Jenkins cares about protecting the legal rights of Hamilton County citizens and keeping them i…Read More

  2. Making Sense Of The Administrative License Suspension In A DUI

    Q: What is an administrative license suspension (ALS)? A: Any person who is charged with a DUI and either refuses to provide a chemical test, or provides a test that is over the legal limit, will be immediately placed under an administrative license suspension (ALS). This suspension goes into effect…Read More

  3. New Law Regarding First-Time OVIs and Driving Privileges

    New legislation – signed by Gov. Kasich on January 4, 2017 – is aimed at reducing the number of repeat OVI offenders. The law is called “Annie’s Law” in response to the tragic death of Annie Rooney, who was struck by an impaired driver. The legislation will allow judges to offer shorter su…Read More