There are a myriad of reasons your license is suspended:

  • Non-compliance — too many points on your license
  • FRA – driving without insurance
  • DUI/OVI charges with an administrative license suspension
  • You were in an accident

The first step is to determine the reason your license is suspended, and that will determine the legal path we will need to follow. For more information, explore our blog and review our post on Administrative License Suspension. No matter why your license is suspended, seeking legal counsel can get the problem resolved faster than fighting this on your own. You probably need to get back to work or you have kids’ activities to get to, and not having a license is a hindrance. It’s important that you remember that driving with a suspended license could get you into even more trouble.

If you have been charged with driving under suspension, don’t drive. Call us so we can get the process started to get you back on the road and going where you need to be.

As your dedicated DUI lawyers, we will do the following and more:

  • Utilize our expansive knowledge of the local courts to your benefit
  • Keep track of all legal deadlines and filing dates
  • Handle all negotiations with prosecutors and law enforcement
  • Do everything in our power to expunge your conviction
  • If possible, get your temporary permit so that you can continue driving while fighting your suspension
  • Collect and examine evidence in preparation for court
  • Attend and represent you at your administrative hearing