David Gast has 20 years of experience helping hundreds of people overcome criminal charges and get back on the road. Read on below to learn about a few sample cases where David achieved favorable outcomes for his clients.

First-Time DUI Offense

Client was charged with their first DUI in 10 years, as well as charged with having an open container and refusing a field test or chemical tests.

Type of Trial: bench trial
Result: not guilty

Prior OVI Charges

Client received an OVI citation and had a prior OVI citation within the last 10 years.
Prior to the trial, client plead down to speeding due to lack of evidence.

Type of Trial: jury trial set
Result: no trial and reduced charges

Felony OVI Case

Client had many OVI charges in past 10 years. I filed a Motion to Suppress evidence based on a technicality, which the judge granted. The prosecutor was forced to dismiss due to lack of evidence.

Result: dismissed